Introducing Off the Shelf

Inspiration for storytelling comes from anywhere and, to us, that is what makes visual merchandising so exciting. Off the Shelf celebrates amazing retail customer experiences and tells the stories from the people that create them.

We hope you enjoy them as much as we did creating them - The One Door team.

One Door is the leading provider of cloud-based visual merchandising software.

Season One

For Season 1, One Door went behind the scenes at SHOWFIELDS, the “most interesting store in the world” to learn how they’re helping digital-native brands create immersive in-store experiences. Their objective is to make opening a store as easy as starting a website.

Their fearless innovation in redefining the purpose and role of merchandising and stores made them the perfect location for the premiere of Off the Shelf.

showfields season one


“We want people to really understand the story of the brand and the story of the product they purchased. That’s now what creates brand loyalty.”
How does an online brand enter the dog-eat-dog world of physical retail? Hear how Katie Hunt, Co-founder of SHOWFIELDS, solved for The Farmer’s Dog.
“In a world of sameness, being different is the way you thrive”
How do you stand-out in an oversaturated category? You step out of your safe zone and boldly tell your unique story.
“When the right product meets the right customer, magic happens”
Watch how SHOWFIELDS Co-founder Tal Zvi Nathanel chartered CITYROW’s path to brand discovery with a unique in-store experience.

Your Host
Andrew Smith
Andrew Smith is a passionate retailer and content contributor for One Door. A former Head of Retail Operations for one of Australia’s largest retailers, Andrew works with global retailers to create a platform for retail innovation as a capability through his consulting company ThinkUncommon.


“Off the Shelf” host Andrew Smith and SHOWFIELDS Co-Founder Katie Hunt are featured on “Retail Is Your Business” podcast.

Listen to the group talk about the series, explain what retail as a service means, and dive into the future of retail.


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